March 24th preschool construction

Item: Preschool kitchen Pictures of works under construction       Pictures of the completed construction      

Mr. Tuan’s house

Items: Kitchen cabinets, TV shelves

Ms. Ha’s house

Items: Wardrobe, decorative wall, bedroom

Construction of desks in Tam Thang commune

Project: Desks for officers of Tam Thang Commune People’s Committee, Tam Ky city, Quang Nam province.

Other constructions

Mr. Hung’s house

Project: Bedroom, kitchen cabinet   The construction process of Mr. Hung’s house

Mr. Mai’s house

Project: Stairs and bedrooms The photos of work    

Ms. Ly’s house

Project: Kitchen cabinet + kitchen, living room, bedrooms     The construction process of Ms. Ly’s house

Mr. Kien’s house

Project: Kitchen cabinet, bar, decorative shelf    The process of constructing Mr. Kien’s house

Ms. Lien’s house

Project: Kitchen cabinets, stairs, bedrooms